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Welcome to CARM's online school

       Welcome to the CARM Online school Christian Theology.  The purpose of this online school is to... 
  • help you become grounded in good Christian theology,
  • help you become more confident in being able to teach and answer questions from a competent Christian position,
  • help you refute the attacks upon the Christian faith,
  • and help you in your relationship with the Lord Jesus.

     A good foundation in Christian theology can help you in every area of your life.  A good foundation in biblical theology is a very valuable thing to have.  With it, you can offer better counsel, refute error, teach the truth, and improve your relationship with God.  Biblical theology is for every Christian, not just for pastors, teachers, and elders.
     Christianity can be understood by the young as well as the old. It can address very simple areas of your life as well as shed light on the deeper emotional and spiritual needs that you might have.  You do not need an advanced degree to understand this course. It is arranged logically so that as you learn one principal after another.  The lessons build into a the grand picture of Christian faith.
     Also, throughout this course are interspersed not only doctrinal truths, but also the applications of those truths to different topics such as counseling, refuting cults, answering biblically questions, etc.  What you will learn is not merely academic.  It is also practical.

Why use this instead of just reading CARM?

     You can certainly learn everything in this online school by reading CARM.  But, CARM is a huge site with hundreds and hundreds of pages.  The online school is a shorter version of CARM arranged in a systematic way, interspersed with apologetic comments, and is designed to teach you how to know and defend your faith.  Sometimes, paragraphs are copied directly from the CARM website and inserted into the on-line school.  Most of the time, however, the material is newly written and/or adapted from existing CARM material.
     God wants you to learn and He wants you to think. He wants you to evangelize, to defend the Christian faith, and represent Christ in truth. With so many attacks on Christianity and so much to learn in the Bible, it is good to have a systematic way of learning without having to read through tons of material, go to a Bible school, or attend Seminary.
     Last but not least, this course is not accredited.  It will not count for any school requirements.  It is simply a course designed to help you understand, teach, and defend your Christian faith.
     I hope that you enjoy learning through this online school.
     May the Lord bless you.

     in Him,

     Rev. Matthew Slick, M. Div.
     CARM President


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