Lesson 00.02

How to use this online school


     Pray first.  Ask the Lord to guide you.  Give your heart and mind to Him to be molded and shaped.  Trust Him to teach you.

     If you go to the course outline to the left, you will see how the topics are arranged. I strongly suggest that you start at the top and work your way down the list. We begin with the Bible since it is the instruction book of our Christian faith and the basis from which we draw theological truths.  From it we derive proper knowledge and the better you understand it, the better equipped you will be to know and defend your faith. Of course, you can go through the online school anyway you want. You can read any subject you want in any order.  It is up to you.
     After each lesson you will find questions and a link with the answers to those questions.  They are located at the bottom of the lesson pages -- look at the bottom of this page to see them.  If you click on the questions link, you'll see the questions page.  You can print out the page, write out your answers, or jump to the answers page and print that out...or not...whatever you want to do.  But, the idea is to get you to learn by having you answer questions.  If you try to answer the questions, you can then go and check your answers on the answer page.  Of course, sometimes the answers given may be different than yours and your answer can be true just the same.  Remember, the answers are not always meant to be exhaustive.  They are guides.
     Also, please feel free to print out each lesson with or without the questions that you may or may not answer -- and feel free to copy them and give them to people you know.  Of course, we don't want you to give out the username and password to this online school.
     We recommend that you also keep a piece of paper in your notebook so that you can write down verses that you think you should memorize.  We could provide a list of verses for you to memorize, but we think it is best that as the Holy Spirit guide you to memorize the verses that He prompts you to.  We firmly believe that the Holy Spirit will guide you and bring to your attention verses and ideas that He wants you to know.  This is because you have a gifting mix that is unique to you and the Holy Spirit knows what you need.  So, trust Him to guide you as you study.

Page Layout

     You will notice a set of numbers at the top left of every page.  It is the lesson that you are on and it corresponds exactly to the navigation bar to the left.  The introduction section is prefixed with the number zero. Each page in that section is designated by its own number. This page, for example, is 00.02. The next lesson is 00.03. When you go to the section dealing with the Bible you will notice that the first lesson lesson in the Bible section has a lesson number of 01.01. This numbering system has two purposes. First, all you need to do is remember the lesson number you last finished so you can easily return to where you left off.  Second, should we add material into the lesson plan, we can insert it numerically and you will be able to print off the lessons and insert them in your notebook accordingly.  When we add or modify this online school, we will document it on the update page so you can see what is new.
     You will notice that to the left in the navigation bar, is a link to the Dictionary of Terms.  This may be helpful throughout the lessons when you need to look up various words.  You'll probably find that you refer to the dictionary frequently at first.  Remember, you must learn the words of theology.  Words are the tools of theological discussion.  Once you've looked at the terms, click BACK on your browser to return to your lesson.
     All scripture references are linked to CARM's online KJV Bible so you can check each verse in context.
     Each page is designed to fit any browser and print on any printer.  This is why it is "wide."  This way it is scalable to your specific browser and printer needs.  To print a page, you can right mouse click on it, and select the print option. 
     Again, at the bottom of every lesson page is a navigation bar that will help you through the school sequentially.  You should become familiar with it quickly and easily.
     Once you are familiar with this online school and start reading and studying, you should find yourself learning more and more.  Remember to pray, to take notes, to print the material up and put it in a notebook, to add what else you discover, and to use what you learn.  The more you do this, the better you will know your faith and the better able you will be to apply the truths of Christianity in every area of your life.
     We hope that you have a productive time here at the CARM online school of Christian Theology
     May the Lord receive the glory.

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