Lesson 02.01

Does God exist?


     Does God exist?  Theologians, philosophers, scientists, and atheists have debated the existence of God for hundreds of years.  Theologians affirm His existence, even though they debate about who He really is.  Philosophers ponder the ability of knowing God and if He exists at all.  Scientists don't find Him under a microscope or on a scale.  So they largely ignore and often define Him out of existence.  Atheists, of course, deny Him and many of them try to prove He does not exist. 
    Yet, God exists.
    He does not exist because we say He does; He is independent of our proclamations.  He does not exist because we want Him to exist; He is independent of our desires.  He does not exist because in our ignorance, we insert God in order to explain the unknown; He is independent of our ignorance.  No.  God exists because He is.  We Christians have experienced Him, felt Him, and know Him.  We can see His hand in our lives.  We see the circumstances of life move and be moved to bring us to answers that we know are from Him.  We sense Him our prayers and our lives.  We see Him work in the lives of others.  We watch as He answers prayer and confirms in our own hearts His love for us.  We know He exists because He exists.
     The Bible speaks of God and does not defend His existence.  It simply asserts it.  Sometimes there are simply things you cannot prove to someone else, but you know.  Yes, this is subjective, but it is often true.


To the query �Why is there but one God?� a child answered: �Because God fills every place, and there�s no room for another one.�


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